まちなかの商店、海産物加工に携わる方々の“生きる”を、 女性たちと美しい切り紙にするコミュニティアート・プロジェクトだった。
2011年3月11日、 この町を大津波が襲い、プロジェクトを行った場所のすべては失われた。



About Us

Our name “Envisi” was derived from the word, “envision.”
We have been engaged in a number activity which, through the power of art, revitalized local communities by identifying/reevaluating hidden values and creating new bonds among people.
As “Happy Happa Project” – our predecessor – we triggered the transition of Oroshimachi in Sendai from an industrial district to a creative one, and we organized a commemorative web project to raise awareness of the zelkova trees, which were cut down during the construction of the Sendai City Subway Tozai Line.
In 2009, we organized an art project called “Expo of Living” in Naruko Spa, Osaki, Miyagi. The exhibition was a project to reflect on our life through art. In the project, we connected art with variety of fields, such as farming, medicine, women, nature, and education, revitalizing the community by providing new perspectives.

In 2010, we organized a project of making “Kiriko” (local tradition of paper cutting craft with white paper) in collaboration with people of Minamisanriku. It was a community art project in which, together with local women, we created works of art that represented “living” of people in local stores and seafood industry in the form of beautiful cut paper.
On March 11th, 2011, a devastating tsunami hit the town and everything was lost – things which had been handed down from generation to generation, sweet homes, loved ones…

Hand-in-hand with the people of Minamisanriku who are going through extreme hardships, we will keep on working for the town to help them keep “the sense of happiness of having lived in the town and of keep on living there.”